FB for… convicted killers

I’ve got two teenagers at home. Great people, well adjusted, definitely on their way to becoming captains of industry and leaders of tomorrow… or, at least, to having their own happy and productive lives, away from the family home’s basement.

Since they’re also hip, and happening, I asked them recently about the social media platforms they’re on, and love. Listening to some of the names that poured out was like learning a new language: Kik and Tumbr and WhatsApp and Vine and ooVoo and so on. (Fortunately, neither kid mentioned Tinder, and yes, even this oldie knows what that is.)

“But,” I asked, “what about Facebook?!… and Twitter?!!!”

Even though they both have Facebook accounts, they looked at me as I was speaking … Spanish.

“Facebook is for parents,” my 16-year-old daughter declared, making parents sound like convicted killers (which of all a sudden explained why she hasn’t liked any of my FB posts or photos in, oh, years). My 18-year-old son only very recently started using a long dormant FB account, and only as a way to sort of keep in touch with some cute girls he met while travelling.

So, yes – the old social media standbys are, well, ancient for anyone young-ish these days. But do not worry, Mark Zuckerberg, boomers are still crazy for Facebook, as this article in The Telegram indicates. The article says that “savvy over 50s use Facebook to stay in touch with friends and family” (in other words, to either brag about their wine tours to Napa Valley or about their kids graduating from university/getting married/having their own kids). As the boomer cohort continues to grow, Facebook’s 1.1 billion user base will no doubt continue to flourish.

According to a study unveiled this month by eBizMBA, the next most popular social networking sites (for adults, I assume) remain: Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and … Google+??! No way – last I heard, Google+ was all but dead. I guess it depends on who you ask, then, because Statista, in its annual ranking of social media sites worldwide, didn’t even list Google+ as an option.

Hmmm…. Hey! Statista! Who did YOU poll for your latest ranking? Was it basement dwellers, or convicted killers?

Yep. Dwellers. I thought so….


Photo credit: Ignite Social Media 


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