Social media for the rest of us

I come from a long line of inventors.

Nothing major, nothing big — and nothing that ever went anywhere. A maternal uncle once tried to revolutionize the world of fishing by manually adding an extra dozen metal hooks to a lead base. (It looked way too busy… and fish smartly stayed away).

And a grandfather, on my father’s side, once fabricated — and sold, door-to-door, back in the 1960s — floor mops with real wool fibres as opposed to cotton or synthetics. (Carrying the inventory from house to house was a killer, and killed the fledgling business).

So let me put it this way — no one in my family ever got rich from their ingenious ideas. Not even close. But ideas are always there, rolling around in my head, and pop up when least expected.

When I thought about writing about social media and technology for people “of a certain age” I knew this was likely not an original idea. Still, I combed the internet, trying to find a website or another writer who was on to this, as well. I came up empty-handed at the time.

Since then however I have been informed there is a fellow in the U.S.A. writing about this very topic. His name is Chuck Hester. He’s written a book and created a Facebook page, both titled “Social Media for the Rest of Us: A Boomer’s Perspective.” His premise is: Boomers, there is nothing scary about Social Media!

Mr. Hester, I salute you.

You are a great example of a boomer who’s making it in a digital age.

Check him out!



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  1. Great information, I must buy that book for my parents.

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  2. I think our Boomers are “young” compared the boomers of the same age 10 years ago. Our Boomers are hip, trendy and very healthy. We can see a lot of the Boomers generation enjoying life!

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  3. Great insight and hope for boomers. I really like how you write!

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  4. I know Chuck (interviewed him for my podcast years ago) and I remember when he came up with that idea. I thought, “Damn, I wish I’d thought of it first!”


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